Pixies update

Apparently my brief research turned up faulty information regarding The Pixies' recent trip to Pittsburgh. Using the tour logs on their website, I thought I didn't see a Pittsburgh date anytime between the Eighties and now. But, according to the illustrious Pittsburgh institution that is DJ Swankcat, The Pixies played Pittsburgh in 1989 with the B-52s at the Syria Mosque.

What a bummer... it was cool to think I was part of music history. Oh well.

Another random bit...

After seeing "Batman Begins" again -- the second time in 24 hours -- I have to tweek a statement I made in my review. I said "Spider Man 2" was, in my opinion, the best comic book movie ever. But now, I think it's a toss-up. "Spider Man 2" totally nails the Spidey mythos, characters, etc., but so does "Batman Begins." And it's done in a really cool, artful, skillful way. Christopher Nolan and Sam Raimi are talented but very different directors. Both movies have an indie feel to them, but "Spider Man 2" has a more hipster indie vibe where "Batman Begins" has that glossy-despite-its-low-budget-and-no-wiggle-room-schedule indie feeling.

Most important of all, though, is how Nolan and Goyer tie everything up and together in "Batman Begins." There is room for a sequel, but no major plot points or characters are left hanging for one. There could very well be no more "Batman" movies and "Begins" could stand on its own wonderfully. The first "Spider Man" movie could stand on its own, but there are too many threads left dangling. Same with "Spider Man 2." And with that in mind, I think "Batman Begins" edges "Spider Man 2" by a nose -- or a horn.