What's that sound? Oh. The bottom of the barrel being scraped?

Good lord. Just when you thought reality TV couldn't possibly get worse -- I mean, shouldn't "The Swan" been RTV's, uhm, swan song? -- there comes this. After visiting the Internet Movie Database, I saw an ad for something called "My Fair Brady." Apparently, what it is is a reality show pairing up Christopher Knight, little Peter Brady on "The Brady Bunch", and the woman he fell in love with on another reality show, "The Surreal Life," Adrianne Curry.

Now, on its face this doesn't sound too weird. After all, there was that whole Flavor Flav/Brigette Nielson "Strange Love," which I suppose was entertaining to some folks, and those two "people" met on "The Surreal Life." So what's the problem with "My Fair Brady"?

Knight is 47; Curry is 23. He's old enough to be her father, and she's old enough to have seen "The Brady Bunch" on Nick at Nite reruns.

The premise of this show -- can these two hacks make it in love? -- isn't just unoriginal (see the aforementioned "Strange Love"), it's icky and creepy and abominable. Just look at a picture of Knight. He looks like Mickey Rourke's impish stunt double.

Why, oh why, can't these people just stay where they belong: behind the counter at Wal-Mart?