Beyond the Valley of the Critics

Finally. Finally! Finally! After rumors and heresay about various releases of a DVD of "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls," Russ Meyer's non-sequel to "Valley of the Dolls" written by the B-movie master and non other than Roger Ebert, including one exciting prospect of a Criterion release of the film, it looked like this film would never, ever make it to DVD. But yesterday, according to The Digital Bits, 20th Century Fox has confirmed that both "Valley" and "Beyond" are headed to DVD.

They're going to be two-disc sets, according the information on TDB's site. What's most exciting, though, is that "Beyond" is going to have two commentaries, one from the cast (!) and another from Ebert (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Personally, I can't wait to hear the king of schlock reviews go on and on about his schlock screenplay and how he tries to justify it's nonsensical plot, awful dialogue, and just overall nonsense. If he tries to pass it off as a knowing wink-and-nod flick made to be what it is -- the ultimate cult, so-awful-it's funny film -- I might just try to throw myself off of a high-up catwalk in a television studio while my girlfriend's mod rock group comes on to an aged host.

Don't know what I'm talking about? You will... on June 13 when "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" is released on DVD.

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