No DVD for you!

According to Sony's website -- and the e-mail the studio sent out advertising this -- the seventh season of "Seinfeld" is going to be released on DVD on Nov. 21. That leaves only two seasons remaining to be released after 2006.

For anyone not too into the "Sein," season 7, like season 4, had one overarching storyline -- in season 7's case, George's engagement to Susan Ross. But S7 also brought us things like, "We had a deal!" and the concept of being "sponge-worthy. Highlight episodes from this season include "The Soup Nazi," "The Hot Tub," "The Bottle Deposit" and "The Invitations," the season's grim finale.

Season 7 wasn't the best one in the show's run -- seasons 8 and 9 were the better of the later seasons -- but there are plenty of nuggets in there to satisfy even the casual fan (I suspect that the presence of the Soup Nazi episode on this set will lead Sony to market the season 7 DVD based on that episode heavily around the holidays). But for "Seinfeld" junkies, that doesn't matter -- there's already a space on their shelves reserved for season 7. And 8. And 9. I know there is on my shelf.