Either the best commercial ever... or the creepiet....

John Waters put together a Christmas CD a couple years ago, A John Waters Christmas, and it's filled to the rafters of off-beat/sexually confused X-Mas tunes befitting a project with Waters' name on it. On that disc is a sticker promoting an upcoming Valentine's Day disc that will finally be released Feb. 6. And if this commercial is any indication, A Date With John Waters might be the best album ever. Or the creepiest. This ad is like a lazy Continental (the SNL skit with Christopher Walken) with a dash of Harvey Pekar/R. Crumb music nerd-ness and a generous serving of Waters wanting to get fucked really, really bad. But it's probably a fair verbal recreation of what it's like to actually date John Waters.

Still, despite the genius of the clip, I'm not quite sure how to take Waters' monologue/dialogue, especially when, in reaction to his off-screen conquest-in-waiting asking how old Waters is, Waters replies that it doesn't matter, followed by, "Haven't you ever heard the expression, 'old chickens make good soup'?"

More info about A Date with John Waters can be found here.