Cubic Zirconium Reunion


A couple weeks ago, Van Halen announced on their website that David Lee Roth was back with the band and they would be touring this summer. (Read the original post here.) At the time, it was impossible to believe that Van Halen would reunite with Diamond Dave. Impossible. Unthinkable. Inconeivable. Unfathomable. There is so much history there that it couldn't simply be set aside for the purposes of a tour. Still, it was super-exciting. The chance to see Roth and Eddie V. on stage, together, is something so many people never thought they'd see again or ever.

And it looks like they never will.

According to Stereogum, the big summer VH reunion tour has been postponed. Indefinitely. Thinking about the tour, I wondered how long it would go before Eddie got on Dave's case and the whole thing blew up. Then I wondered why dates still hadn't been announced; the tour was "announced" at the beginning of February, after all. Then I thought, gee, wouldn't it be something if this thing never got out of the rehearsal stage. And that's what looks like has come to pass.

There's supposed to be a big-ish article in the Feb. 23 issue of Rolling Stone about VH and the reunion. Should be interesting reading in light of this news. And it'll be interesting to see how this all develops.