Wes Anderson?

An update to my previous post about "The Darjeeling Limited." On the Filmmaker Magazine blog, which I linked to in the last post, before the poster image, this was written by the blog post's author, Nick Dawson:

The Darjeeling Limited will be released on December 25, and the first poster for the film is below. (Again, the whole post can be found here.)

Well, trolling around the blogosphere this morning I discovered that that poster might actually probably isn't all that legit. From another blog, Solace in Cinema:

Today Filmick discovered a possible poster for the film (pictured) but this has been quickly disproved as a fake and a creation of a Natalie Portman fansite. Despite the fakery it’s actually not a bad poster and does look like it has the kind of illustration style that Anderson is a fan of.

Damn it. To be continued, I'd wager.