Darjeeling gets a trailer

Wes Anderson's new film, The Darjeeling Limited, finally got a proper poster last week. And this week it gets a trailer:

Thanks to research taken from other blogs, the two songs used in the trailer are both by the Kinks, "Strangers" and "This Time Tomorrow." Some of those bloggers have suggested that, maybe, Anderson is going with an all-Kinks soundtrack for the movie. American Empirical buffs know that he wanted Rushmore to have an all-Kinks soundtrack but decided to change that to all-British Invasion, a much better choice given the film. Darjeeling isn't likely to have that Kinks soundtrack, though. At the end of the trailer, there's a music credit stating that the movie features songs from the films of Satyajit Ray and Merchant Ivory. That's an interesting choice if it replaces an actual orchestrated score. (Apparently Mark Mothersbaugh has nothing to do with this movie. Mothersbaugh has been Anderson's scorer of choice until now.) What will music composed for other films sound like in Wes Anderson's universe? They could work, but it's interesting considering how much creativity goes into each Wes Anderson film. Having music that previously appeared in other films, and so much of it that that fact deserves its own credit, might work but it could just as easily backfire.

If those songs do, indeed, replace a commissioned score, it's perhaps possible that there will be a parallel soundtrack with all Kinks music. But think of how much that would cost in terms of securing rights for all that music. My guess is that Anderson will use, primarily, the Ray and Merchant Ivory music with a couple pop songs sprinkled throughout. His films have always had one soundtrack, and I doubt that will change on this film.