The voice of reason

It's too bad that David Lynch is seen as a bit of a kook by the mainstream, well, world: his opinions about pop culture are usually easy to get behind, especially when he takes aim at the technological "advancements" permeating society. Take the following video, for example, where he discusses the nonsensical iPhone:

I'm sure "Beowulf" looks spanking on an iPhone. Or an iPod. Or whatever. After all, the movie is just a bunch of 1s and 0s at the end of the day anyway. (And a poorly assembled group of 1s and 0s at that.) But normal movies, ones shot with care and an eye towards substantive things, like cinematography, set design, art direction, and those little aspects of filmmaking called acting and directing, are down a great disservice by porting them onto something as small as an iPhone.

Of course, discussing the merits of how well gorgeous cinematography appears on an iPhone probably doesn't matter since the iPhone isn't about having a top-notch movie theater in your pocket, or a great camera, or even a decent phone. No, the iPhone is about having the iPhone in your pocket since the iPhone is a declaration item, something worth more as an aesthetic accessory than a utilitarian piece of technology.