Oscar Leaks Then and Now

Today, Cinematical posted an item that someone claimed to have a list of leaked Oscar winners. I won't post that link here, but you can get to it through Cinematical. The list could be real, it could be fake. But it brings to mind memories from February 2000, when Harry Knowles "broke" Oscar news when he published a list of potential nominees that he said he was given by a person who hacked into an Academy Awards server or some such nonsense. When Knowles did that, the burgeoning world on online film journalism went bonkers. Indeed, it was a watershed moment that highlighted how irresponsible and uncontrolled people on the Internet could be.

But that was then and this is now. While Cinematical posted this item about potential Oscar winners just a short time ago, it's inconceivable that it will warrant any more than a shrug and a "could-be-real-might-be-fake" reaction. People online are just conditioned, now, to accept that these kinds of leaks -- real or contrived -- will happen. Cinematical, for its part, is just reporting something newsworthy and cautioning readers that the winner list might be fake, far different than what Knowles did in 2000.

Still, an interesting moment of online cyclicatliy.