The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog

For the past four years or so I spottily maintained a blog called Crazy From the Heat. It was originally conceived to provide me with an outlet to write about movies, post-college-newspaper. And, more or less, that's what it was. Except when I posted teases for pieces I never wrote. Or when I posted rants about sports, people on trains, and those pesky "Deary Diary" style entries.

When I moved to New York in February 2008, I thought it would usher in a golden age for the blog. I was going to be in one of the cinematic capitals of the world, after all. Film Forum! MoMA! IFC! IMAX! But I quickly realized that I had been here for a year-plus, had posted little to nothing, and the gold I imagined adorning a revitalized Crazy From the Heat was more fool's than actual. Apparently NYC is one of the rush-rush-rush capitals of the world, a reality that extinguished the hopes for the blog.

Now, though, it's time to actually accomplish something with the blogging platform.

The reconstituted Crazy From the Heat -- now housed on TypePad instead of Blogger -- will be updated regularly five-to-seven times a week with reviews, news items, previews of upcoming series, and, I hope, feature pieces such as interviews. (The old blog will be up through the end of September.)

The new Crazy From the Heat has some material ported over from the previous iteration of the blog, most of which is film-related (though there is a stray non-cinema piece). It has pieces that I've written for a couple other sites since moving to NYC. And it will have a new name, which is still pending and suggestions are welcome.

The new site is still in the beta phase, so content new and old is being added and pieces are being edited for style and consistency. In this, if you notice something askew please let me know.

Thanks for your patience. For those five of you that still look for new stuff from me, thanks for sticking with it. And for new readers, hello. Again.