A Brief Consideration of NYRB Classics on Forbes


A couple weeks back, a long-gestating piece on the independent publisher New York Review Classics (NYRB Classics) finally saw the light of publication on Forbes.com's Booked Blog. The piece was originally slated to be part of a larger books package on Forbes.com, but when the package was killed the piece went to Booked. But I can't complain about the results -- 97 Facebook shares, 46 retweets through the Booked blog, it got picked up by a bunch of people on Twitter, and the New Yorker's Book Bench blog linked to it. Those who can't write for the New Yorker can only hope to be linked to by the New Yorker.

For anyone unfamiliar with NYRB Classics, it's the book equivalent of the Criterion Collection and you owe it to yourself to dig into their deep library of lost or forgotten classics and new-to-English or improved translations of important works of world literature. But be warned: you will become addicted. After entering the world of NYRB Classics through Novels in Three Lines a couple years ago, I find myself picking up books in the series that I only have tenuous interest in because I trust that NYRB Classics won't steer me wrong. And, for the most part, they've followed through.